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Riki Roseo, was born in Rome and studied at Universities of Milan and Urbino. He moved to Rome and met Sergio Leone, which marked for him a definitive turning point, his return to his love,the cinema.
Thus began a close relationship, uninterrupted, that lasted nearly ten year, until the death of the great director: Leone considered him his artistic heir.
During that time Roseo wrote various stories to be basis of films.
More important is Farewell Moscow the story of the first Jewish, female Soviet dissident, Ida Nudel, who was refused an exit visa and interned in the gulag in Siberia, accused of drunkenness (she was a non drinker), following her first sit in protest in Real Square. Liv Ullmann played the role of Ida Nudel with such majestic passion that in Italy she won the David of Donatello and numerous prized abroad.

The great Norwegian actress was so proud of the film that in a press conference given in the United States declared that she had acted in one of the most important films of her life and publicly ivited Raissa Gorbacciova to flight for Ida Nudels freedom. The picture had vast international resonance and won the Jury's Prize at Festival of Montreal. Ida Nudel was freed on Garbaciovs order, and Jane Fonda and Amnesty International flew to Siberia to accompany Ida Nudel to Israel.

It was success everyone spoke of, and Idda Nudel publicly declared, "I thank that Italian producer who, with is film, made my tragic story known to the world, contributing to regaining my freedom".
Now times had truly changed and every was ready for the great undertaking "The Siege of Leningrad", to be directed by his highest ambitions and Roseo was with him. It was be a colosseal work.

Thousands of soldiers, was machines, and material were put at the disposition of the film by the Soviet Union.
The entire population of Leningrad was ready to relive on the screen the story of the siege.

When all the agreements had finally been made and the preparation of the picture was about to begin Sergio Leone died suddenly, and Roseo didn't wish to continue with project, and there it ended.
He wrote a treatment on the life of Gioacchino Rossini screenplay with Andrew Davis for a picture Roseo would have like Robert Altman to direct, but it was made by Mario Monicelli, based on another script.
When he was just past fifty, Roseo made, as Sergio Leone wanted, his directing debut with the picture "Kim Novak is on the phone". The picture, selected to be among the films which would represent Italy
at the Berlin Festival, with five Oscar winners in the cast.
Meanwhile, a warm friednship had developed between Roseo and Danilo Donati (four Oscar and six nominations).

Together they wrote numerous scipts for cinema, among them, "Oliviero Rising".
His film, whose provisional title is "Waved is in the moon", is in its final stages of preparation, it is a period film set between Paris and Rome in the year 1840 and will be an important European co-production

Still at the planning stage, "Carissimo Amante", a very intriguing thriller, based on a true story set in eighteenth century.
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